SALES arrived on TES! Don’t miss out!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to remind you that most resources on TES have a discount and therefore you can get them for less than they price they are usually sold for!

Run quickly to the TES site and visit MY SHOP to get some bargains! I have just posted another resource I have just created for my GCSE classes on conjugating verbs into different tenses! Check it out HERE!

Have a great my lovelies!

Estefania x

How to get top grades in GCSE Spanish — GCSE Spanish

How to get top grades in GCSE Spanish In this article you will learn 21 different ways to learn how to get the top grades in GCSE Spanish. Let’s dive straight in. Use Tener structures – top tip number 1 A “tener” structure is a phrase or a sentence which uses the verb tener (to have). Here…

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QR Code Generators and Readers for Chromebooks — Free Technology for Teachers

Last week a teacher contacted me to see if it was possible to read QR codes with a Chromebook. I had never tried this myself, but I figured it was possible so I did some digging and found some reader apps for Chromebooks. After I tried these out I can say it is definitely easier…

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Mid-term assessment tasks

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog, my apologies! It has been a really intense first term back to school.

Today, I would like to share with you some assessment tasks great to use with your classes as a mid term task which will help you assess their progress between one assessment round and the next. While it is handy to just have a template and adapt to every year group focusing on the topics and grammar you have covered that term, I also recommend not to assess the same skill at a time with all your classes as you will drown with marking.  I would suggest that you do it on different weeks if you decide to assess ie. writing with all your classes and marking will be more manageable.

The template of the tasks was kindly shared by Neil Jones on his blog

Click on the link below to download the files (mid-term assessment in writing sections)

KS3 Resources

KS4 Resources

Keeping track of homework

Afternoon MFLers!

My post today is about keeping track of homework throughout the school year.

I can’t say that keeping record of the homework I set for each class on a weekly basis, collecting homework when it is due, monitoring those who hand it in before or when it is due, following up on those who tend to hand it in late and issuing a sanction to those who don’t complete it at all is an easy peasy task- let along marking every piece of homework collected.  I can’t say it is one of my favourite things to do as a teacher either.

Every year, I find myself drowning trying to keep up with this- I tend to have a great start to the year but due to the other hundred things to do during the week, consistency drops half way through the academic year.

Who hasn’t forgotten for a second the actual task they set for their class to complete at home or the date this was due, at least once in their teaching career?   I have! Even though I had it tracked in my planner and on our centralised system.  I am not going to pretend I haven’t and I am 100% you haven’t either!

In an attempt to maintain certain level of consistency tracking and monitoring homework next academic year, I have created a homework tracking sheet to ensure my standards don’t drop and to make sure that no one will get away with no completing their homework. You can download it for free – it is one sheet per class/ per term and I will keep it on my desk to update it every week. I also have an editable version of this document which I can email you should you wish to adapt it to your own needs.

Not long to go…. enjoy the last few days of freedom!

Later peeps!