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After a lot of thinking, here I am, creating my own blog in order to share with you my personal experience working in Education as a MFL teacher, Head of Spanish and Aspiration Coordinator in a Secondary School in the UK. I am also a private tutor and an examiner for a very prestigious exam board.

I would like to welcome you all to my personal space where I will be sharing tips on different areas of teaching and learning as well as resources which you may find useful in your own teaching practice. Also, I will be posting interesting articles to keep you in the loop on what’s going on in Education these days but it is also my intention to share with you fun stories which take place inside of my classroom.  Grab a cuppa, sit back, have a read and enjoy!


SALES arrived on TES! Don’t miss out!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to remind you that most resources on TES have a discount and therefore you can get them for less than they price they are usually sold for!

Run quickly to the TES site and visit MY SHOP to get some bargains! I have just posted another resource I have just created for my GCSE classes on conjugating verbs into different tenses! Check it out HERE!

Have a great my lovelies!

Estefania x

Moment to reflect on how to better manage a work life balance and plan ahead to see results! 

10 steps to better care

Evening all, 

My first entry this year is intended to share with you all this interesting blog post which some of you find useful. Thank you Teacher Kelly for such a wise post and amazing tips

Click on the link above and enjoy reading. 

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a fantastic New Year. May the New Year fill your lives with joy and happiness.

Happy 2018!! 
now, let’s make the most of the next two days before starting a new term!




Hello folks! Hope you are all having a magical Christmas and a lovely winter break.

My entry today is about using short films ‘cortos’ in Spanish / ELE lessons wherever you are in the world. Do you already use this tool as part of your teaching practice?  Would you like to give it a go and see if your students enjoy it and benefit from it?

This blog called CORTELE has lots of short films and clips you can embed and play in your Spanish lesson.  They are classified by levels so you can choose the best one for the right audience. For further guidance, underneath each clip you have a brief summary with the contents, skills and even a proposed lesson plan with activities to complete prior  to, during and after watching the film.

Here is one of the lovely film called ALMA (2009) created by the talented Rodrigo Blaas. Enjoy!




How to get top grades in GCSE Spanish — GCSE Spanish

How to get top grades in GCSE Spanish In this article you will learn 21 different ways to learn how to get the top grades in GCSE Spanish. Let’s dive straight in. Use Tener structures – top tip number 1 A “tener” structure is a phrase or a sentence which uses the verb tener (to have). Here…

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GCSE Spanish – “tener” expressions — GCSE Spanish

Useful Tener expressions Below is a useful list of tener expressions. GCSE Spanish examiners like them because they sound, and are, very Spanish. Here is a list that you can use in both your speaking and writing exams tener _ años: to be _ years old tener calor: to be hot tener frío: to be cold…

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